Justin Bieber’s to threaten Sue On his Nude Photos


Hollywood Canadian singer Justin Bieber and his team are sending a warning message- the nude photos of him published this week invaded his privacy, and anyone who posted them should remove them immediately.


According to a cease and desist letter sent to the New York Daily News, which originally published the nude photos Wednesday showing the pop star on vacation in Bora Bora, Bieber’s legal representatives are demanding the immediate removal of the photos from its website.

The letter, obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, was sent shortly after the photos were published Wednesday afternoon, demanding compliance within 12 hours of receipt. As of publication, the photos are still live on the Daily News website.

Bieber’s legal team states the publication of the photos represents a violation of the singer’s publicity and privacy rights. The photos also, according to the letter, transgress on Bieber’s trademarks.

The singer’s representatives at the My man Greenspan law firm are threatening to sue if the photos aren’t taken down.

Bieber is certainly not the first celebrity to attempt to control revealing images or footage that has leaked online. Hulk Hogan has filed a $100 million lawsuit against Gawker over his sex tape, with a trial date set for March 2016.