Life is a journey of love not a competition

Life is a journey of love not a competition.
Life is a journey of love not a competition.

Two brothers were born in a very rich family. They had all the resources but still they developed a competition. He has this, so I need this too. They were always competing. Who had more toys, then who scored more, then who is more loved by mother ( To be considered such kinds of thoughts and feelings in our children. We think another one would be doing better but in reality, they start developing jealousy, inferiority complex, hatred etc) then who got a better wife and who got a better home after separation. The competition went to that extent that they became business rivals and one brother wanted to get extra property ( or other brother’s share too). This is very common and we all see such scenarios. But what we do not realize is unintentionally root is laid by parents when they start comparing own children. After many years of competition, one day elder brother fell sick and doctor declared that it is fatal. He called his younger brother and asked if they could go for a dinner. They went out for a dinner and that time he shared that he is tired. He is tired of competing with his own brother. Now, what should they compete against, who is dying a bigger death. In all this, what did they get? Nothing! They were just satisfying own egos, who has better house? What did they lose? All the childhood, all the love two families could have shared, the strength if they would have been together, may be bigger business when combined with two, happiness and peace. The younger brother was shocked to hear all this and wanted to make up for all the lost times but was it possible? One brother was already dying!

We all keep competing, when we goto a party, who is wearing a better dress, who organized a bigger party in son’s wedding, whose house is bigger, whose house has better furniture, whose children are doing better in studies, who is better in activities. We keep competing and we keep putting our children also into same rat race. This life is not a race or a competition. It is a journey, which is supposed to be walked hand in hand. It is supposed to be walked in cooperation with each other, so that we can all fill up the gaps in each others lives. Someone has money but doesn’t have a family, someone has family and money but does not have health. We all are supposed to support each other and then progress. With hand in hand, we will walk far, create more wonders instead of cutting each others roots.

Think over, you want to compete or walk with love. The big question what if Ia m walking with love and others are competing then let them! You can stop being a part of rat race. You can start from yourself. Atleast you would be more happy and peaceful.

by Sheetal Jain