Are you making your choices out of fear or out of love?

Are you making your choices out of fear or out of love?
Are you making your choices out of fear or out of love?

She grew up with an abusive family. Everytime she did something she was beaten up. She was scared all the time. She started liking a man when she was just 15 years old and in school. She had two fears. One, if her father will find out and another one was, if she would not marry this man, she would never get out of this situation. Everything she thought and did came out of fear. Their relationship continued and when she completed her graduation, she told her father. Her was was in huge debts and got an opportunity to marry off his daughter without needing much money. So she married but the reason was again fear. After marriage, her fear started reflecting differently. She was not scared, but she would taunt her husband.. She had never made an effort to understand him as such. So when she started seeing his original side, more and more she realized that this is not what she wanted. This started creating problems in her relationship and she got separated after 5 years of marriage. Again she was scared that how would she manage her finances. After much struggle, she accepted a job which she did not think she could do. All the time her boss used to shout at her. However, in this new job, she started realizing that uptil now, she had accepted everything in her life because she was scared and had fears not because she really wanted that. She started fixing up things, now, no more running away from what she was into. She first proved herself in current job, made it a better situation, then took a better job, rented a nice house and that time she accepted that she could be happy when she made her own choices instead of making out of fear. Now she had no complaints!

There are few things to be understood here:

1. When she made choice out of fear, it was always a wrong choice. She could never look at what she really wanted. We all make such mistake if we are choosing out of fear.

2. When our choice is based out of fear, we are more focused on running away from what we are into instead of what we are getting into

3. It creates a pattern of being into places, which create further similar situation just that people change

4. When we are into vibrational frequency of fear, we create more events, which would create more fear. However, when we change our feelings from fear to determination and self love, we change what is around us.

5. We need to start with self love, respect and acceptance. We shall not think ourselves of less deservant. We all deserve to be happy!

6. We shall know own strengths, so that we can know what we are capable of. If we do not know own strengths, we always depend on others.

We all need to know that we have right to be happy, we deserve what we desire and we all can choose what we want rather than coming from the place what we do not want.

By Sheetal Jain