Lose Weight with Banana Diet


Lose Weight with Banana Diet

Strong Banana diet for 3 days

Banana diet for 3 days, often referred to as a banana milk diet is the easiest and one banana a strict diet. Daily menu milk-banana diet consists of 3 bananas and 3cup of skim milk or yogurt (1%).

Divide the specified amount of food for 5-6 portions and eat at regular intervals throughout the day split meals to avoid the appearance of a strong sense of hunger. Fruits and dairy products can be used as separate from each other, and as a banana yogurt or neck whip banana yogurt or milk using a blender.

Additionally, throughout the day as possible drink plain water and herbal teas without sugar, it promotes better bowel cleansing and normalization of the gastro intestinal tract. The last meal plan no later than 3 hours before bedtime.

Banana Diet 7 dayssliced-bananas-480x320

The seven-day option is not as strict as three days, and does not limit the amount of fruit consumed – are allowed to eat per day to 1.5 kg of peeled ripe bananas. However, slimming process in this embodiment is quite effective for night out on average about 1 kilogram of body weight.

As soon as you feel hungry, Eat one fruit at once. If it is a very “hungry”, as a source of complete protein can be added to the menu 1 boiled egg. From drinks are allowed in unlimited quantities of water and herbal tea without sugar, regular use of dairy products with the exception.

Curd with banana dietbanana-diet

Curd with banana slimming option for up to 4 days, involves alternation of banana and cheese fasting days and makes it quite effectively reduce weight, up to 3-4 pounds. Since cheese is quite a varied and useful product, banana curd alternation transferred easily and is therefore very popular with losing weight.

The first and third days cheese:

Breakfast 120 g low-fat cottage cheese (up to 5% fat), fruit; Lunch 120 g cottage cheese, vegetable salad without oil; Dinner 120 grams cottage cheese, grapefruit.

The second and fourth days banana:

Breakfast banana, 120 g low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese; Lunch 2 banana, 1 boiled egg; Dinner 200 grams of cooked lean meat, 1,2 bananas.

After the banana diet tips and advice

Longer than the recommended 3-7 days to comply with the banana mono-diet is not recommended. First, despite the usefulness of the product, banana slimming, like any other mono-diet is not completely balanced and can cause serious injury.

A in Second, our body is designed wisely and in a few days can adapt to any conditions and, if compulsory, the power-saving mode. Therefore, for more than the recommended terms of losing weight is not only harmful but also impractical because the weight will fall either very slow or it hard to stand still nutritionists effect of this phenomenon is called a “plateau”.

Exit after kefir the banana diet, as well as following any diet, despite the achieved effect, must be smooth and successive is necessary in order to permanently fix the result. Within a week, gently insert the usual foods and observe restraint if you start to eat off of hungry days, the weight comes back very quickly.

If losing weight on bananas was comfortable for you, start to practice weekly unloading banana days this will easily support the weight without the stress and shocks. To the menu was not too severe, it offers a variety of delicious and hearty recipes.

Banana fruit salad cut slices of banana and add the slices of apple, pear or peach. The second option salad add walnuts and lettuce.

Oat meal with banana Boil water for oatmeal, add back milk and finely chopped banana slices.