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If loving you is wrong,

then I don’t wanna be right.

My love for you is strong and brighter than any light.

The way we must go is long,but we’ll win every fight.


Mat Muskurao itna
ke phoolon ko khabar lag jaye,
Ke kare woh tumhari tareef,
Aur tumhe nazar lag jaye


love sms in hindi for girlfriend

i can love you for my whole life,
i can be with you all the time,
but never leave me,
because you are only mine.


A candle may melt and it’s fire may die,
but the love you have given me
will always stay as a flame in my heart.


love sms for girlfriend

Keh ke dekh liya, Chup reh ke bhi dekh liya,
Kya karein jab unhone hi khamosh kar diya.
Unse baat karne ke liye hum bahut tadapte hain,
Par kya karein jab hamare call karne se who bhadkte hai.

A special smile a special face,
A special someone no one can replace.
I love you and always will,
You’ve filled a space no one could fill.


sweet love sms

I Miss your smile, and I can’t help it,
I feel like my heart is failing bit by bit,
I feel like I stagger, and I am not fit…
Your love is killing me softly, I admit.


Kashti chali samandar mein mil jayega kinara…
Is SMS se poochh lena aap ke bina kiya haal hai humara?
Hum aap ko itna yaad karte hain jitna aap hamein yaad karte hain.
Farq sirf itna hai ki hum yaad karke SMS karte hain aap SMS pedh kar yaad karte hain.


love sms in english

This is True Luv:
I don’t care how many
lips u’ve kissed, how
many shoulders u’ve
embraced & how many
times u’ve said,I Luv U!
All I care is not b d first
but to be ur last!


Even if you don’t listen to me
I will shout loud and say that I love you
Even if you don’t stop by me
I will chase you down to say that I love you ♥ ♥ ♥


romantic sms

Many People say…
“Never Expect Anything
in Return From Anyone…”
But Truth is..
“When We Really Love Someone,
We Naturally Expect …
a Little Care From Them…!!!”

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miss you sms

A Boy does not fall in love
once he falls for a girl truly,
He will
be the most caring, most loving, most
romantic, most
understanding and
truthful for his girl, for all
his life…


Sirf sitaron me hoti mohabbat agar,
In alfajon ko khubsurati kaun deta.
Bus patthar banke reh jata Taj Mahal,
Agar ishq ise apni pehchan na deta.


sad love sms

Wo dard hi kya jo aankhon se beh jaye,
Wo khushi hi kya jo hothon pe reh jaye,
Kabhi to samjho khamoshi hamari,
Wo baat hi kya jo assani se alfaaz ban jaye..


Is Dil Ki Gali Me Kabhi Sada De
Ker Ke Toh Dekho Yeh Rasm E
Faqiri Hai Ada Ker Ke Toh Dekho
Reh Jayegi Tumhari Her Ek
Baat Adhuri, Tum Khud Ko Kabhi
Mujhse Juda Ker Ke To Dekho.


3 important days in my life..
The day i was bOrn
The day you were bOrn
The day when “I and yOu” “becOme we” <3

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Romantic Quotes 

She : Why You Post My Name On Your
Facebook Status In Every
2 Minutes?
Me: Facebook Keeps Asking Me What’S
On My Mind? And Honestly,
It’s Always You <3


Lafzo me kya tarif karu aapki,
Aap lafzo me kaise sama paoge,
Jub log hamare pyar k bare me puchenge,
Meri aankho me aye JAANU sirf tum nazar aoge.gif

So, I will stand here forever,
If forever’s what it takes,
because you are my forever,
and forever always waits. Love You Quotes 

True love is
when a BOy ask
girl for a kiss
Girl simply close her eyes and
allow the boy
for a kiss…
the boy kisses
on the forehead and says I have
a whole life to Do that..!!


Raaz dil ka dil mein chupate hai woh,
Samne aate hi nazar jhukate hai woh,
Baat karte nahi, ya hoti nahi,
Par jab bhi milte hai muskurate hai wo.


Love is not to say,
But to understand.
Love is not to show,
But to feel inside.
Love is not to find faults,
But to make the best.
Love is not to demand,
But to sacrifice.
Love is not to hurt,
But to take care of,
Love is not blind,
But it doesn’t need to see

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