Madhav Dhar said, Indian Markets Could Increase, 30% in 2 Years


Madhav Dhar said, Indian markets could rise as much 30 per cent in two years managing partner of GTI Capital.

Madhav Dhar says Indian markets could be up 30 per cent in two years, that’s mainly because benifit could be up 30 per cent in two years.

This is a nice time for people to going the market who may have stayed away the last one year.

Markets are loss 11-12 per cent in dollar terms in the last year, prices are lower, we are on the limit of the US Fed hike, GST looks like it is actually going to go through.

If stock prices down, investors should be more angry, Mr Dhar advised.

Mr Dhar said, he is hopeful about India’s economic rise over the course of the next year.

I have little doubt that India is reaccelerating. I have greater assuredness that the economic improvement agenda is back in front of the politicians.

As far as the adjacent US Fed rate hike is anxious, Mr Dhar opined that emerging markets like India will not be effected.

In the end when you are coming out of deflation the increase dynamics matters more to equity prices than psychological pressure that highest interest rates. I am ready to bet this time the increase dynamic acceleration will be more positive to emerging markets than it has been in the past cycles of interest rate hikes.

This would be the first time after 1941 US rates are going to rise after being flat for seven years, Mr Dhar pointed out.

OECD or the combination for Economic Co-operation and growth is an international economic combination of 34 countries, founded in 1961 to stimulate economic development and world trade.

Mr Dhar choice the banking space and his bets are on SBI and ICICI Bank. “SBI is down a lot. If market does 15 per cent they could do 20 per cent. Madhav Dhar says, ” ICICI Bank also has come down a lot and that broad area can also do well.