Meter Live Wallpaper for Android launched by Google Creative Labs


Google back in August introduced three practical photography apps from Google Creative Lab under its Android practical project, which the company stresses was a way to showcase inspiring projects or apps on Android. The company has now released a new app dubbed Meter from the same Google Creative Lab. The new app is now available to download from Google Play.

Meter is a data-driven live wallpaper that displays the statistics and information like battery level, wireless signal, and notifications in a simple wallpaper visualisation.

“Turn your wallpaper into a live dashboard, displaying real-time statistics and information such as app usage, missed calls, and battery level,” notes the listing on Google Play. At the time of writing, only few users had downloaded the version 1.0 of the Meter app. The new Meter app will show three visualisations which will automatically change with every device unlock, and each wallpaper can be tweaked by recline,and moving the device.

With the addition of Meter, Google Creative Lab now offers five apps in total including Photowall for Chromecast, Tunnel Vision, Landmarker, and Lip Swap. The Android pratical page notes that the original design and concept for Meter app has been given by Mikkel Koser with code by Jonas Jongejan and Kyle Philips.

Google originally introduced its Android Experiments in August. The Android Experiments site at the time of launch listed 20 experimental apps – from camera experiments to Android Wear apps and more. The company had clarified that Android Experiments was open to creators globally, and anyone, whether a student or developer, could submit their pratical.