Paris Deal Frame Climate Change in Lens of Equity


The Paris climate change agreement is a victory for climate justice, India has said intone that the versatile deal preserves the growth imperatives of developing countries and frames climate aspiration in a “lens of equity”.

India is happy with the outcome of the COP-21 in Paris. As our Prime Minister said, we are all winners in the Paris outcome. Climate Justice has won and the new Agreement marks a new push join by all nations for a greener future,” India’s Deputy Permanent Representative Ambassador Bhagwant Bishnoi said at a briefing unified yesterday by the President of General Assembly on the just concluded climate summit in Paris.

Mr Bishnoi said India participated in Paris in a spirit of openness, constructiveness and flexibility and India’s voice was a voice of develop countries.

Our call for climate justice was based on the centrality of equity, historical responsibilities and the right to growth for the world’s poorest.

We are happy that the Paris Agreement acknowledges and preserves the growth imperatives of India and other develop countries, framing climate ambition in a lens of equity.

Noting that the agreement unequivocally acknowledges the imperative of climate justice, Mr Bishnoi said the deal based itself on the principles of equity and common but different responsibilities.

We are also happy that the Agreement differentiates between the actions of develop and develop countries across its elements,” he said as he explan appreciation for efforts of French President Francois Hollande climate envoy Laurence Tubing and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

The Paris Agreement has given a new hope and direction to our collective try to address climate change. The COP-21 in Paris has marked a high point in what has been a defining year in multilateralism.

Paris Agreement complements the 2030 Development Agenda and taken together, both the outcomes mark a new begin for international cooperation to protect the health of the planet and ensure a life of dignity to all people.