Rare Space Radio Signals To superior Test Einstein’s Theory


Washington: Scientists rare radio signals from space using short blasts of the basic principles of Einstein’s relativity theory to test a new method is developed.

Fast new method using radio waves, gamma-ray bursts that last test methods used is 10-100 times better.

The method is an important component of the theory of general relativity equivalence principle, which prepared its first 100th anniversary of Albert Einstein is considered a key.

The geometry of space individual galaxies, stars, planets and other objects from the mass density of winding the idea is a vital component.

Lasting just a few milliseconds – fast radio bursts of energy are super short blasts. So far, a dozen fast-radio bursts have been found on Earth.

They are beyond our Milky Way galaxy is due to mysterious events, and possibly also the local group of galaxies that includes the Milky Way and beyond.

Fast radio bursts of photon particles as waves travel through space. Fast radio bursts per second, the number of arriving waves – their “frequency” – is in the same range as radio signals.

More powerful detectors and provide us with more comments, “We cosmic-web structure of the universe, the space between the galaxies, the galaxies as probes will be able to use faster radio bursts, and a As test of fundamental physics, “senior author Peter Meszaros, professor at Pennsylvania State University in the US.

“Fast radio bursts out of the Milky Way galaxy are proven to generate, and the distance can be measured, then the test of Einstein’s theory and radio band frequencies to be tested under the power to extend the range will be a powerful new tool for the “Meszaros said.

Einstein’s equivalence principle any two photons of different frequencies, emitted at the same time from the same source and the same is required to travel through the gravitational field.

During his visit at any time delays they experience because of the gravitational field should not, but only because of other physical effects should be.

Two different-frequency photons arriving in time by measuring how closely we follow Einstein’s theory of how closely they can test.

Meszaros test with more space or your path through space due to the large-scale objects, including an analysis of how the curvature experienced photons.

Fast radio bursts using Einstein’s theory are checked by our examination of how a parameter – gamma parameters – with the two photons is different for different frequencies.