Ryan Reynold’s upcoming movie “Deadpool” Trailer


The trailer for the upcoming superhero movie Deadpool fans main actor Ryan Reynolds’ character Wade Wilson with a healing power is transformed into a super hero.

Engaged in conversation with a taxi driver trailer opens with the hero. It then continues with him fighting a gang of villains. Meanwhile, he says, this is a different kind of superhero story.

Once diagnosed with terminal cancer, Wade be corrected in order to agree to use a crook.

He emerges alive says it has done for me, my body is made immortal.

Deadpool, Colossus (Stephen Kapicic) and Negasonic juvenile bomb (Brianna Hildebrand) engages in the trailer at the end of an intense showdown is another interesting scene.

The film, directed by Tim Miller February 12, 2016 is scheduled for release in the US.