Silsila Pyar Ka new serial on star plus




With a new TV series titled Love is returning to the small screen actress Shilpa Shirodkar, the spectacle has undergone a sea change in the attitude of the people.

She got married when Gaja Gamini, death, Gopi Kishan and after working in films like Shilpa quit Bollywood in 2000. Then, the only show on television came in 2013 in a handful Aasmaan.

His return, 46-year-old actress said: …. “I think people in the overall approach, a major change in the industry and more professional people you watch everything you are no last minute changes have written the script and everyone does their homework and everyone is more willing to come so are.

This industry is one of the best times that have seen. He is also currently the industry feels fortunate to be a part of.

Shilpa TV series is very possessive of her son who is in love Janaki Tewari, will play the role.