Surat cop beaten miscreants ruthlessly in public


Surat police has gone viral video in which the cops are beating two men With toughness in public.

In the clip, Nadeem was beaten with baton stick six times within 10 seconds while lying him upside down on police jeep bonnet.

Then came the turn of his friend, Qadir, who also received back to back five hits.

However, his miseries did not end up here. Now the police officer of Limbayat Police Station Manoj Singh Chavara also beat Qadir seven-time with his truncheon.

When asked about the video, Limbayat Police Station cops denied to comment anything.

It is learnt that three days back, both miscreants teased women in the night and also damaged some vehicles. Police registered the case and arrested them, but two days back they came out on the payroll.

As per reports they are repeated offenders who used to tease females and, therefore, the police decided to teach them a lesson in their area.