Talk to yourself with love. Every word you speak in your mind is transforming you.

Talk to yourself with love every word you speak in your mind is transforming you
Talk to yourself with love every word you speak in your mind is transforming you
Everytime her husband would try to say something, she would say, you stupid man, don’t think I am stupid. Most of the conversations turned into fights. After much scolding by elders, she stopped calling him stupid but then new fight started. He would fight saying she thinks I am a stupid man. Now, she would say, I have not said anything, just because you think we are fighting. No one could find a solution to this fight. The reason was, elders could take care of what she would speak, not what she would think. Now, whatever she was thinking, she was creating that energy around and and inside her. She was emitting same. Her husband was emitting same too. that is why often when someone is thinking bad of us, we are able to sense that, even if we are distance apart. She wanted to create a peaceful relationship but she did not know how. For that she had to create a positive dictionary not only verbally but also in her thoughts. She started following few things, which she would repeat in her mind with an effort everyday.
1. I love my husband
2. he cares for me
3. He is very intelligent
4. We like spending time with each other
5. He is valued and respected
6. I am valued ( She used to repeat, don’t think I am stupid as she was telling herself in her mind always that I am a stupid person)
By repeating such positive things in her mind initially with an effort and gradually when they became a natural part of her, her energy started transforming. When her belief system started changing to positive one, her husband also started turning positive towards her. Or let’s say, when he stopped receiving negative energy from her, he could stay more loving.
Every word, we speak and think has a power to transform our energy. We need to make sure, we are talking to ourselves with love not like am i stupid, he thinks I am a fool, I am wasting my life, everyone takes me for granted, no one loves me etc. The negative word we would use for ourselves in our head would reflect in our energy and in behavior with others. What we say to others actually how we are feeling inside. So we need to transform innerself to transform what is around us. Be positive and loving to yourself. Others might not be but we can be atleast!