‘Tamasha’ review


Film: Tamasha
Star Cast: Ranbir Kapoor & Deepika Padukone
Director: Imtiaz Ali
Rating: ***1/2

What it’s about:

Welcome to the world of romance that only Imtiaz Ali can imagine and brilliantly capture on celluloid. Tamasha is an attempt straight from the heart, honest and endearing to the point of almost seeming autobiographical. Ved (Ranbir) and Tara (Deepika) meet in Corsica by circumstance. Hitting it off instantaneously, they decide to add some adventure to their pitch by deciding to not reveal their true identities to one another. Their short vacation is filled with unexpected fun even as they remain unaware of each other’s identity till they go their separate ways. Tara is ridden by the pangs of an unfulfilled love even four years after her encounter with Ved. And then, one day, she bumps into him again. This time, she leaves nothing to chance and they embark on the relationship she has always craved. But then, she slowly realises this version of Ved is dramatically different from the one she fell for in Corsica. So who is the real Ved? The impersonator who gave her the best memory of her life or the product manager who seems perfect in every way? As Tara begins to unravel the complexities of her relationship, it also makes Ved understand the essence of his own life.

What’s hot:

Tamasha is the kind of love story seldom seen before on Hindi screen. It is gutsy, somewhat audacious, and complicated. It’s very brave of Imtiaz to bring this to the screen with actors like Ranbir and Deepika, even braver of producer Sajid Nadiadwala to back it. It’s the multi layered screenplay that’s a delight because each track is treated with as much care and affection. From Ved’s childhood obsession with stories to his realisation that every story is instinctively the same, from his discovery of love to the discovery of his own self through a process that’s near schizophrenic. Imtiaz does a maestro act in capturing the emotional strings of both his lead protagonists with the right setting, mood and moments. Tamasha is not your quintessential love story to absorb it, you have to surrender to Imtiaz’s vision. The director’s winning aces are his lead actors. Ranbir and Deepika deliver their most defining performances to date with a screen chemistry that can’t be matched. Ranbir finally has a film and role that he can do full justice to and he is magical. In a character that’s easily the most complicated in recent times, he knocks a phenomenal punch. Deepika matches him frame to frame and exceeds her best so far. Vivek Mushran makes an appearance on screen after long and he’s a scene-stealer.

What’s not:


The pace of the film is incompatible, especially in the second half. Also, at one point in the latter part, the emphasis completely shifts from the love story, in which you’ve invested so much till then.

What to do:


Watch Tamasha because it’s beyond the ordinary and for the fantastic screen chemistry of Ranbir & Deepika.