Teenage girls with more tattoos at most-suicide risk


Teenage girls with four or more tattoos may show off a higher self-esteem to their friends and relatives but they are also at a high suicide risk, claim researchers.

Some interesting emotional Correlation emerged among college-age respondents with four or more tattoos, they noted.Sarah-Ridge-rihanna-superfan-578x384

“They had a much higher suicide attempt history and paradoxically, it was this same group that showed an increased level of self-esteem,” said lead study author Jerome Koch from Texas Tech University.

In his earlier research, Koch and his team found that four or more tattoos, seven or more body piercings or perforation in private body parts were satiety more likely to report regular marijuana use, occasional use of other illegal drugs and a history of being arrested for a crime.

“We know women sometimes replace a surgically removed breast with elegant body art. We wonder if more tattoos might be a way of reclaiming a sense of self in the wake of an emotional loss indorse by a suicide attempt,” Koch stated.

“But I think the logic holds when linking suicide survivors and breast cancer survivors who might use tattoos when reclaiming an emotional or physical loss,” Koch concluded.