Uttarakhand Chief Minister said, Cow Killers Have No Right to stay in India


Uttarakhand Chief Minister Harish Rawat of the Congress is the latest to add to Disputable comments on beef and cow killing. He has said that those who kill cows have no right to stay in the country.

Who kills cows, no matter which society he belongs to, is India’s biggest enemy and has no right to live in the country, Mr Rawat said at a function in the pure city of Haridwar on Tuesday.

The Chief Minister said the law would deal sternly with those who kill cows in Uttarakhand, and the state government would do everything to protect cows.

His government, he said, had passed a proposal against cow killing. He went on to say that Uttarakhand is the only state which gives not only land for cowsheds but also helps in arranging for their straw.

The Chief Minister’s statement runs contrary to the stand of his Congress party, which has strongly  interfere against recent incidents and pronouncements linked to cow killing amid a swirling debate on  impatience in the country.

Previous month, ML Khattar, the Chief Minister of BJP-ruled Haryana, had backtracked after appearing to suggest that Muslims in the country must give up beef. Muslims can stay, but in this country they will have to give up eating beef. The cow is an article of faith here.

Mr Khattar later correct that all he meant was ‘we should show regard for each other’s emotion’.