Creative Ways for Layering Right This Winter


It always helps to layer yourself well to compress the winter chill. But it’s important that you do so without adding bulk.

Wear much than one layer on your legs and brighten up your winter look with one or two colourful pieces.

She has shared tips on how to be warm but already look chic during the cold season:

* The good strategy is to follow the three-layer strategy.
Base layer: A close-to-the-skin thin layer like thermal wear for your upper and less body. This layer is the one closest to your skin and expected to be tight fitting or body-contoured.

Middle layer: A good cosy, warm layer like a sweater to keep you comfortable. Polyester, wool and blends work very well.
Outer layer: a windproof or waterproof coat-layer over the the first two layers to finish off. This layer is the one that provides the best insulation. It’s ordinarily a looser, thicker and bulkier layer. This allows the warmer air you’ve generated to circulate within.
* Wear much than one layer on your legs: Thermal leggings followed by your trouser or jeans. Alternatively, wear shear leggings with a pair of colourful leg warmers, which will also add your style statement.
* Warm winter socks should be worn to keep the feet warm. Wool ones are the best option.
* Wear gloves or mittens: Fingers and hands are very vulnerable to chill, so keep them covered.
* Invest in a some   brighter berets and scarves to keep your neck and ears warm: This will keep the attention near your face, making you look cheerful.
* Brighten up your winter look with one or two colourful pieces: This will keep your spirits high in the old, drab winter weather.
* Balance loose or big with fitted: For a leaner look, style your looser, upper body winter clothes with fitted clothing on the less body.
* Last, but not the least, wear longer walking boots during the day and heeled boots when you are off for a party.