New app can help diagnose autism in children


Washington: Scientists children’s facial expressions for signs by reading the screen for autism symptoms may have developed a new smartphone application.

Symptoms are often subtle position: the “childhood autism not only learn more about the app can be used, it warfighters possibly post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) can manifest symptoms diagnosis, “the US Office of Naval Research Predrag Neskovic, (ONR) said mathematical data science program.

“Autism and beyond,” Duke University and Duke Medical Center in the US was developed by researchers and software developers.

“Autism and Beyond” to meet a series of children, made them smile, laugh and be surprised.

Parents or caregivers, doctors, researchers and software for evaluation by children to record the movements of the face of a smartphone user experience to read “Selfie”.

The main technological components app automatically maps the major destinations on the children’s faces and facial muscle activity is based on emotional reactions to assess.

“We lips, head and face, including the eyes and nose to track the position and movement of the video is analyzed, which Guillermo Sapiro, a professor at Duke University.

Stimuli like a funny video watching, while “For example, does the child smile, that all of the study. The spirit and lack of social sharing are possible symptoms of childhood autism.

Self-diagnosis is not a resource, but a potential screening tool for autism and other developmental challenges as serve, and to contact a doctor for special tests is intended to encourage users.

As with autism, facial expressions may indicate the presence of such disorders. Many individuals suffering from PTSD or depression often smile, but their grins and forced to become less.

Such doctors and better analysis of facial expressions, military personnel and veterans consequently, enhanced treatment options to more accurate diagnoses by.