Face Wax Harmful For Skin ?


Now a day, it is very common for women to get their facial hair waxed. Facial waxing is very quick way to remove fine hairs of face. But if it is not performed in a right way, you may face many problems.

The skin area of face is very benign and any harsh act on it may cause rashes, sore skin, red spots or pimples. But if you are aware of possible problems of facial waxing and what care should be taken to avoid it, you can easily prevent these problems.facial-waxing

Redness or inflammation : When its about waxing, you can’t avoid the pain. As your face is more delicate than other parts of the body, you can feel more pain than ever. Also, it gives rise to red bumps on your skin that can look awful.

Skin color : Some women skin become sensitive after waxing. The skin may turn darker after waxing in one or two days. If such is the case, your skin might be very sensitive to sun. You should use sunscreen with high SPF in such case. You should also avoid going into sun for one or two days after waxing.

Allergy and Infection : Waxing on face may leave pores of face wide open. This in turn makes your face more susceptible to bacteria and cause infection. You should clean your face thoroughly after waxing.

Instigate Ingrowths : One of the other problems related with waxing is ingrown hairs. Because waxing doesn’t remove all hair follicle from root, this becomes a common problem after waxing. To avoid such problem, you should exfoliate your skin gently before waxing. You should also do gentle exfoliating after a day of waxing.