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2878723dosdi5ddgyMoney is made from Paper,
Paper is made from Woods,
Woods are from Trees,
Which means
Money grows on Trees2878723dosdi5ddgy

A very emotional quote..!
Attachment is not when
two people chat day & night …
Attachment is not when
two people can’t live without each other …
Attachment is not when
two people can’t stay away from each other for a moment …
But when the Boss sends an email to you with subject as
‘Increment letter’ and the attached file is missing …
That missing file is called Attachment … !!2878723dosdi5ddgy

Sardar- why r all these people running? Man- This is a race, the winner will get the cup.
Sardar-If only the winner will get the cup, why r others running?2878723dosdi5ddgy

Pathan: Aaj mai bus ke peche bhagty howe ghar tak aya hon, owr karaye ke 20 rupey bhi bacha leye.
2nd Pathan: Tum boht bewakof ho, Rekshe ke peche bhagty tu 80 rupey bach jatY

Friend 1: what did the volcano say
to the other volcano?
Friend 2: Nothing. Volcanoes are inanimate
objects that do not possess the ability
to speak
Friend 1: You killed it.2878723dosdi5ddgy

1 larki bahot romantic ho k apnay molvi boyfriend

aaj main boht khush hon
Mango kia mangtay ho

Molvi sharma k bola:
Iss sal zakat hamary Madarsy ko dena.2878723dosdi5ddgy

How Come The Dove
Gets To Be The PEACE
Symbol ?

How About Pillow ?

It Has More Feathers,
Than The Dove


It Doesn’t Have That
Dangerous Beak … ;->


funny but true fact..
Relationship between lovers in today’s age:-
you can touch each other..
u cannot touch each other’s mobile..!


Teacher: “Johnny, Im Glad To See Your Writing Has Improved.”

Johnny: “Thank You”

Teacher: “Now, Finally,

I Can See How Bad Your Spellings R!!!”2878723dosdi5ddgy

Question by a student !!
If a single teacher can’t
teach us all the subjects,
How could you expect a single student
to learn ALL subjects ?2878723dosdi5ddgy

All Samsung Officials Are Withdrawing Their Children From School,
As The First Thing
Children R Being Taught IZ ___
�A for Apple’ =P =D2878723dosdi5ddgy

Define A woman….
Someone who can talk 4 hours while standing at the door .
but she won’t sit …
Because shes getting LATE…:2878723dosdi5ddgy

Girl: Which Laptop do u have..?
Boy : I have a HP G-62 with Intel core i3 processor 2.3 Ghz,
Windows 7, 64 bit..
2 Gb RAM & Intel 1 Gb graphics CARD..

And Which laptop do u have..?

Girl: Pink colour ka.. 😛2878723dosdi5ddgy

Amazing truth : When your mom decides
to be in your room while you are on the computer.. .
You just switch to GOOGLE and stare at it..!! 😛 😀 😉2878723dosdi5ddgy

Only two types of Communications are fastest in the world…
E-mail to email
Female to female…:-):-D2878723dosdi5ddgy

Height of Good Luck….!…

Teacher: Hey! Stand up. Tell me two pronouns.
Student: Who? Me?

Teacher: Very good…..Sit down 😀2878723dosdi5ddgy

Boy: I am not rich like rohit,
I don’t even have a bid car like rohit.
But I really love you!
Girl: I love you too,
but tell me more about rohit..2878723dosdi5ddgy

In India, Actors are playing Cricket;
Cricketers are playing Politics;
Politicians are watching Porn;
And Porn Stars are becoming Actors2878723dosdi5ddgy

Sardar proposed a Girl……
Girl said Im 1yr elder to you………..
Sardar said Oye No Problem Soniye,Ill marry you NEXT YEAR.2878723dosdi5ddgy

Mirza Ghalib kya khoob keh gae hain,
Jald bazi me Shaadi kar k saara jeevan bigaar lo gey,
Or Soch samaj K karoge to bhi konsa “TEER” maar lo gay?2878723dosdi5ddgy

Sardar was writing something very slowly.
Friend asked: Why r u writing so slowly? Sardar:
Im writing 2 my 6 yr old son, he cant read very fast.2878723dosdi5ddgy

A line written on a Husband’s T shirt :
OF THEM..2878723dosdi5ddgy

Height Of Thinking
Two Friends Failed In 10th Study Again N Again.. ..
1st Friend: Lets Suicide Oohhhh!.
2nd Friend: No Ways!
If V Suicide than in Next Life Again
We Have To Study From \’Pre Nursery\’2878723dosdi5ddgy

If you marry one woman,
She will fight with you.
But, if you marry 2 women,
They will fight for you.
Think different.
Add wife, have life.2878723dosdi5ddgy

Mary had a little sheep
With this sheep
She went to sleep
The sheep turned out to be a ram
And Mary had a little lamb.2878723dosdi5ddgy

Do not argue with an idiot.
He will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.2878723dosdi5ddgy

Do you know why Polish men,
when they go to sleep, bring one glass full of water and one cup empty?
It’s because they doesn’t know if they’ll be thirsty or not.2878723dosdi5ddgy

1 larka dosre larke se:
Yaar tum ne kabhi koi larki phansai hai?
2nd boy:
Yaar larki main ne phansa li thi per tum logon ne ye mohalla hi chor diya…2878723dosdi5ddgy

A Guy Searching,
These Keywords on Google:
“How to Tackle A Wife..”
Google Search Result: “Good Morning, Sir, even We are Searching..”2878723dosdi5ddgy

Larki ka bap larki se: jise tum pasand karti ho us k pas bangala, car, jaidad he.
Larki: toba he sub mard ek jasay hote han wo bhi aap k bare ma yahi pooch raha tha..

Arz kiya haii- Ap ke chehre par udaasi aur aankho mein nami haii ….
– – – – – – – – – –
TATA NAMAK Iztemaal karo, Ap me iodine ki kami haii …. !2878723dosdi5ddgy

Papa bete se : beta teacher na maa saman hoti ha.
Beta reply : papa ap toh haimeshai apna hi kaam banane ki sochte rehte ho…….2878723dosdi5ddgy

A Boy Was Going With His G.F.
Friend Asked: Who Is She?
Boy: My Cousin….
The Friend Said: Last Year She Was My Cousin….! :2878723dosdi5ddgy

1 Larki Fouj Main Bhairti hui.
Friend Ne Pucha K Job Kesi Lagi?
Larki:Bas Yar Sara Din Yes Sir,Yes Sir
Sari raat Bs sir, Bs sir Kehte Guzrti Hy.2878723dosdi5ddgy

Ek admi bakrian chara raha thi
Sardar: vey bakrian kithe le chailla en?
Admi :inhen school chorne ja raha hn
Sardar :menu pagal samjhia e?
aj te atwar ae.2878723dosdi5ddgy

1 admi park mein apni B.V k sath betha tha k itny mein
1 or aurat uski B.V k pas a kar boli
“Paisy pehly le lena ye admi baad main bohat drama karta hai”.2878723dosdi5ddgy

Funny but true fact :
Relationship between lovers in today’s age.
. You can touch each other but you cannot touch each other’s mobile.:-)2878723dosdi5ddgy

Rooster and cat going over a bridge
Cat slips and falls in river.
Rooster can’t stop laughing.
What it’s the moral of story?
wherever there’s a wet pussy there’s a happy cock.2878723dosdi5ddgy

Man1: If u have any problem at your home give a missed call to me.
Women1: If i don’t have balance in my mobile?
Man1: Please give a call from ur sister phone..
(I can have both….in my (mobile) memory.2878723dosdi5ddgy

Son was crying
Father came and said: Why are you crying?
Tell me I am your best friend na?
Son: kuch nahi yaar ice cream ziyada mang li thi to teri wali ne mara haiy.2878723dosdi5ddgy

Insaan ka sab se ziyada dil kab jalta hay?
Jab ap original Nokia ka mobile le kar behte hon aor koi aa kar kahe..
China ka Hay?2878723dosdi5ddgy

The difference between scientific theory and reality is like
the difference between reading the menu and eating dinner.2878723dosdi5ddgy

human fall in love,
that is normal.
cows eat grass,
that is ok.
but when a monkey
Press a mobile key bored
Are you still pressing?2878723dosdi5ddgy

Husband: Meri BV Gum ho Gae Haiy!
Post Master: andhay ye post office hay
Police Station jao.
Husband: Maaf Kejeay Ga Khushi may Samjh nai a Rhai Kidhair jaaon?2878723dosdi5ddgy

Ap aik brilliant’beautiful’genius’smart’
nice’gud looking’intelligent’respectful’kind
ideal larkay ka sms par rahe ho.2878723dosdi5ddgy

Khush to bahot hoge tum
Ki forward karne ke liye SMS mil gaya
Magar aab kya karoge.?
Jab msg me kuch bhi nahi mila.?
Hai hai hai hai2878723dosdi5ddgy

wakeel: my lord kanoon ki kitaab ke saffha number 15 ke mutabiq mere muakkal ko ba izzat-bari kia jaye.
JUDGE: kitaab paish ki jaye
(kitab pesh ki gaye)
judge ny saffa khola to uss mei 5000, 5000 k do note thay.
JUDGE: is tarah k do saboot aur pesh kiye jayein.2878723dosdi5ddgy

What’s common between the sun and women’s underwear?
a) Both are hot
b) Both look better while going down
c) Both disappear by night.2878723dosdi5ddgy

son to father:bachai zyada intelligent hota hay ya bap?
son:achai’ pakiztan kis ny bnaya?
father:Quaid-e-Azam ne
son:unk bap nay qion nahi bnaya


When somebody who is deeply in Love with u tells that
You are Cute, beautiful, and angelic
I agree. That’s true
Believe me
I swear because love is definitely blind.2878723dosdi5ddgy

Bazi gar o bazi gar, apni ammi ko razi kar tu na dil mera tora me na elfi sa jora,
meri elfi k paise wapiz kar bazi gar o bazi gar2878723dosdi5ddgy

1 Angraiz PAKIsTAN aya URDU sekhnay.
Kuch arsey baad woo wapas gaya to logo ne kaha k kya sekhai?

Angraiz ne kahai
BiJLI A GAYI2878723dosdi5ddgy

Can we do romance in the evening today?
I’m in a good mood
Just a little bit of kissing and biting
Reply me soon!
Yours lovingly

Sometimes small things in life hurt a lot
If you don’t agree with me, then try to sit on a pin.2878723dosdi5ddgy

Ap nahi to zindagi main kya rah jayga
dur tak tanhaieyon ka silsila rah jayga
Har kadam par sath chalna mere dost varna
apka ye dost akela rah jayga2878723dosdi5ddgy

Ak Arabi toilet main mobile per baat ker key baher aya.
to pathan ne usey boht mara.
Logo ne waja pooche
Pathain: Ye sala toilet main TILAWAT ker rhai thai.2878723dosdi5ddgy

Today i was cooking chicken when i added green palak
Chicken started singing and dancing
MAR DALA HAIAY MAR DALA “2878723dosdi5ddgy

Teacher: Qayamat ky din zameen phait jiay g, aasman tukry tukry ho jiay ga
Pathain: Sir to kia us din school say chuti ho gi.2878723dosdi5ddgy

Two Punjabi’s Mummy Film Daykh Rahaiy They
Film Khaitam Huee To Donon Kahney Lgey
Lay Dus Aaa Kee Film Hoe
Film Khaitam Ho Gaee Par SULTAN RAHi Naee Ayaa..2878723dosdi5ddgy

Dulhan Apney Dost Sey Shadi key din
Yaar Koee Aisee Baat Batao Jo
Mein Apnee Bewi Sy Jaatay Hee Kahon
Tou Wo Heyraan Ho Jay.
Dost:Tum Jaatay He Apnee Bewi Ko Talaak Dey Daynaa!2878723dosdi5ddgy

Zindagi Mai ek Larkee Itni Pyaree Lagee
Us Ky Haith Kee Daal Bhi Haimen Nihairee Lagee
Jany Kia Jaduu Tha Usky Personality Mai K
Married Honay Kay Bawajood Haimein Kunwaree Lagee 🙂

I like to compare you with a nice cold glass of beer when the glass is empty i take the next one!2878723dosdi5ddgy

What is confidence?
10 boys decided to propose a girl
9 boys came with Roses,
1 boy came with

This is confidence…!

2878723dosdi5ddgysussti kee intihaa,
Son:papa aik glasss paanee day do
Papa:khud lay lo
Son:plz day do naa papa
Papa:Ab mangaa tou thappar maron gaa
Son:Thappar marnay aao tou paani laytay aanaa:-)


Fantastic Answer by a philosopher
to a question asked at the BBC.
Define Birthday!

Answer: The only day in your life,
when you cried & your mother was 2878723dosdi5ddgy

Get Marry….
not for yourself,


for the future of your children
, they are getting late 4 school n fees r increasing day by day;-)

“For all bachelors”