ISI getting back to basics: Planning sectarian clashes in India


The ISI appears to be getting back to basics with several cases of the underworld trying to cause sectarian clashes coming to light. The idea to cause sectarian clashes in the country by targeting Hindu leaders and also orchestrating terror strikes was a ploy by the ISI devised in the early 1990s.

Several incidents have now been reported in different parts of the country where members of the underworld and religious leaders have been attempting to create a communal stir in the nation.

Taking these incidents into account, the National Investigation Agency is likely to be roped in as there seems to be a similar motive and modus operandi involved.

Three incidents aimed at causing sectarian clashes: In the past two months there have been three different incidents all aimed at causing sectarian clashed. Intelligence Bureau (IB) officials say that the three incidents are separate and have been carried out by different persons, but the motive appears to be the same.

It started off at Yavatmal in Maharashtra where a youth stabbed a cop stating that he was avenging the beef ban imposed in the state. Investigations showed that the youth was acting at the behest of a maulana who had provoked him into carrying out the stabbing.

The next incident was reported out of Bharuch in Gujarat where the underworld ordered a hit on Hindu leaders. Javed Chikna, a close aide of Dawood Ibrahim, is alleged to have paid off two sharp shooters who undertook the killing of two BJP leaders in Bharuch.

The Gujarat ATS said that the incident was aimed at creating sectarian clashes in the state. The latest incident from Bengaluru also suggests a similar modus operandi. In this case, a rowdy, Sayed Rehman, who claims to be linked to the underworld, is mentioned to have ordered the killing of several Hindu leaders.

The motive behind the killing was again to create sectarian clashes in the country.

The ISI getting back to basics: The ISI had in the early 90s instructed terror groups and the underworld to target Hindus in India. The intention was to create sectarian tension which leads to de-stabilising the country.

The pattern, however, changed over the years with the ISI ordering hits on economic interests in India. Now it seems that they are going back to their earlier plan and ordering provoking religious sentiments.

The IB warns that there could be a spate of such incidents in which religious places and Hindu leaders will be targeted by elements of the ISIS. NIA to be roped in: The Gujarat ATS has indicated that it would want the NIA to probe the Bharuch incident.

The ATS feels that there is a larger modus operandi involved and only a centralised agency could do justice to the probe. It involves Chikna an operative out of the country and also has links with various other states and hence it injunction an NIA probe, the ATS feels.

The NIA has, however, not been officially conveyed with the message.

The Gujarat government is likely to tell the Home Ministry about the same. If the Home Ministry is convinced then it could direct the NIA to conduct the probe.

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