Judge denied to bail San Bernardino’s killer friend


Los Angeles: California at the beginning of this month, 14 people accused of buying two rifles to kill the man on Monday was ordered held without bond by a judge.

US Magistrate Judge David Bristow Syed Farooq, his association with one of the shooters was enough to warrant his detention, it did not constitute a flight risk that Enrique Marquez rejected the arguments of counsel.

cooperating with the authorities, which Marquez, dead 14 people and wounded 22 other people have left on December 2 in San Bernardino Farooq assault rifles from two of its purchases were charged last week with terror charges was.

Marquez officers during a holiday party Tashfeen Malik Farooq and his Pakistani wife was involved in the genocide carried out by there is no proof.

Marquez also in California in 2011 and 2012 for attacks on their college Farooq along with the plot and a busy freeway, has never been out on the attack have been charged.

Reportedly in exchange for $ 200 a month, Farooq’s sister-in-law entered into a marriage with a brother.

Marquez said he wanted to kill himself and his neighbor called emergency services (Farouk) was committed to shooting in San Bernardino.

They are all my guns can be traced, according to a transcript released by the authorities.

Marquez, a 10-day period after he voluntarily agreed to be interviewed by the investigators where a mental health facility was checked in.

His next court appearance is scheduled for January 4 a hearing in the case.