Marriage Proposal Denied, Girl Commits Suicide at Delhi Metro Station


New Delhi, Nov 23: She was hurt as the marriage proposal by her family members was rejected by the groom’s family members. Hence, she decided to end her life. The fierce incident took place in Delhi, the national capital. The deceased has been identified as Anjali, a resident of Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh.

It has been reported that 25-year-old Anjali along with her parents had come to meet the groom’s family members in Delhi on Sunday. However, their marriage proposal was turned down by the latter. She was extremely upset and while returning home, she decided to take the last step. She jumped before a Vaishali bound metro train. The incident took place at Yamuna Bank station around 6:30 pm on Sunday, Nov 22.


Anjali and her family members were going to Ghaziabad, but she suddenly changed her mind and got down at Yamuna Bank metro station and allegedly jumped in front of the Vaishali train entering platform number 3.

When the train stopped, the girl was found dead and her body was taken out from the under the train, he said. A mobile phone, a metro card and a purse containing Rs 40 were found on her body. Investigation is on to negotiate the cause behind the extreme step, he added.

According to eyewitnesses, the girl was wandering aimlessly at the metro station for more than 10 minutes before jumping in front of the metro train. Delhi Police began investigation and cops were quoted as saying that they would find the real reason.