A Man Dies After Weight-Loss Surgery


Mexico City: one of the world’s most obese man, barely two months after the weight loss surgery in Mexico have died on Friday.

Andres Moreno, 38, Ciudad Obregon heart attack and died of peritonitis, in Sonora state.

At a time which tipped the scales at 450 kg Moreno, shedding excess weight and leading a normal life, in hopes of Guadalajara, Jalisco state on October 28 had bariatric surgery

Surgery to remove three-quarters of his stomach and “to prevent him from eating too much” was left in a tube.

The operation was considered a success, the former policeman, complained of feeling ill on Christmas Eve and fire fighters called on his family to help him steady.

Breathing and family members on Christmas Day in the early days, he was taken to hospital in an ambulance to the difficulty of her decision, but she died on the way.

The fat man in the world, in October, the surgical procedure was shed up to 100 kg.

Moreno due to severe peritonitis, Ciudad Obregon on November 19, local State General Hospital (HGE) had emergency surgery.

That same as before under the supervision of the medical team returned to Guadalajara for good, and had returned home a few days ago.