Entry Level Sports Car S-FR Revealed By Toyota


Toyota has been telling us about a new entry level sports car and well they’re bringing it to the Tokyo Motor Show. Yes, it is going to be a no frills, lightweight, small sports car aimed towards those who want a front engined, rear-wheel drive motor vehicle which is oodles of fun. It’s called the S-FR and it’s still a concept.

Toyota has in fact given out details of the car and it’s just 3990 mm long, 1695 mm wide and 1320 mm tall, with a 2480 mm wheelbase and cabin big enough for four people. You look at the car and there’s surely one thing lacking and that is  belligerence in the design and that’s because of the simple and rounded looks of the car which can be best described as cute.

The interior is also cute and quite basic too as it comes with a fully digital instrument cluster and just a few buttons for the climate control system along with USB ports, start/stop and a power socket mounted down low. The short gear knob is interesting too and according to Toyota, it provides smooth acceleration which corroborated with the optimal weight  administration and independent suspension turn the S-FR into an agile car offering a responsive drive.

The S-FR is imagination for car owners that like to drive and customize their vehicles. If the car does see the light of production, Toyota will slot it under the GT86. There are no engine specifications yet and all we can do is speculate, so we wait for Toyota to confirm